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Religious Education

Religous Education At Our School

At Wildridings we value every one of the staff members and children as individuals. We enjoy celebrating the different cultures, religions, beliefs and backgrounds everyone has. We like to recognise that everyone has their own story and that this can be celebrated in many different ways. This may be through talking to specific children and their families about something they celebrate at home, visiting places of significance, such as visiting the local church to experience an interactive, hands on session about a specific celebration or maybe looking at a variety of artefacts and resources we are lucky enough to have in school to explore and discuss.

RE is a subject in which enables the children to have in-depth discussions and conversations about certain religious aspects. It is nice to be able to allow the children to have these discussions by showing them that everyone has their own beliefs and views but that we respect these and value them. This specifically supports our golden value ‘I will always show respect’. Children are taught to be constructive thinkers, being encouraged to evaluate and justify theirs and others views through by being considerate of others.

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