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Computing At Our School

At Wildridings, we endeavour to create well-rounded children who will go on to create a positive impact upon society using computational thinking and problem-solving. A large part of their experience at school centres around the use, and access, to computing and technology. Throughout their journey at Wildridings, the computing curriculum will encourage becoming respectful, responsible and honest online users who have the fundamental skills to be able to operate both computers and tablets, both in school and at home. Our computing curriculum involves a mixture of online and unplugged lessons where children’s oracy is demonstrated through rich discussions and debates regarding safety and reliability online. E-Safety is paramount within our school and children are taught as early as Year One how to be SMART citizens.

E-Safety - SMART

Meeting someone you have met online can be very dangerous.


You should only meet someone if you have permission from your parents or carer, and even then, only if a trusted adult can go with you.


Remember, people online are strangers, even if you have been talking to them for a long time.


If you feel uncomfortable, upset, or worried, by something you see online you should tell a parent, carer or other trusted adult.

You should also tell if you or someone you know is being bullied.

Be safe online by being careful about sharing your personal information when you are chatting or posting online.

Personal information includes your address, email address, phone number, passwords, date of birth, etc.

People can say whatever they want on the internet - and it isn’t always true.


People can say they are someone they aren’t, and can post incorrect information.


You should always check information by looking at different websites, in books or by talking to someone.

People can send viruses or nasty messages online. Never accept emails, messages, files, images, or texts from people you don’t know.

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