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Continous Provision

Aims Of Continous Provision

Our play and enquiry-based curriculum develops a lifelong love of learning. Following on from EYFS foundations, KS1 and Year 3 teachers provide learning opportunities using a play-based approach. We create opportunities for children to consolidate and develop skills, be critical thinkers and to persevere, becoming independent and enthusiastic learners. We believe that this approach is developmentally appropriate and supports our children to connect experiences in a meaningful environment.

Why We Chose The Continous Provision Approach

Learning through continuous provision:

  • Enables ownership.

  • Is inclusive and empowers all learners.

  • Fosters creativity.

  • Enables children to access the National Curriculum.

  • Models learning expectations.

  • Provides opportunities to consolidate skills, knowledge and understanding.

  • Develops metacognitive skills.

  • Enhances opportunities for oracy.

  • Builds upon children’s skills in problem solving and co-operation.

How We Document The Pupils' Learning

We document the pupils' learning through:

  • Curriculum journals (Years 1-3) - for independent and adult supported learning (marked against
    curriculum objectives). EYFS pupils have their own display space for documenting their learning.

  • EYFS- writing books. (marked)

  • Maths books (Years 1-3)- (marked)

  • Independent journals (Years 1-3). Opportunities to rehearse and embed skills/ knowledge (not
    marked) These are tracked and high expectations are encouraged. Children to document their own
    learning during provision. In KS1 the journals are ‘earnt’ by pupils.

  • Tapestry- EYFS-Y4 (Year 3 and 4 pupils upload their own learning)

Continous Provision Work That Wowed Us!

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