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Maths At Our School

At Wildridings, Maths is an integral part of our curriculum and is taught using the White Rose small steps of learning to ensure children get a broad and balanced Maths journey.  We aim to promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion.  The children start by building confidence and fluency with numbers before moving onto developing skills of problem solving through decision making and reasoning in a range of contexts.  By covering a wide range of mathematical topics, we aim to spark the children’s natural curiosity and inspire them to delve deeper into mathematical concepts, broadening their understanding.  We believe it is important that children are able to connect their mathematical skills with real life experiences and develop perseverance and independence.  We encourage the children to work collaboratively and support each other when solving problems and to use a wide range of mathematical vocabulary when discussing their learning.  As children move through the school they have the opportunity to revisit learning and refine their mathematical skills, ready for the next stages of their education.

Please look at our policies page for more information regarding the teaching and learning of Mathematics at Wildridings.

Maths Booklets For Parents

Please find below links to a handy booklet for each Year group.  These booklets outline what is covered in each Year group as well as visual and images to help at home.

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