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Music At Our School


At Wildridings, we teach Music through both our Topic lessons and discrete sessions. From EYFS to Year 6, the children are exposed to a range of different genres of Music. These are linked to the chosen Topics, e.g. Year 2 sing sea shanties in a round as part of their ‘Land Ahoy!’ Topic. In addition to our Topics, we have a weekly timetabled Music lesson for each year group for each half term.

The children participate in ‘Sing Up!’ This is an opportunity for children to learn a song linked to a whole school theme. Each year group rehearses their song and then performs this to the rest of the school.

In Key Stage 1, we perform a Nativity each year and in Key Stage 2, children in Year 6 have an opportunity to perform a ‘Musical’ to parents and the rest of the school.

Our Year 3 pupils, have an opportunity to learn how to play the recorder over a number of weeks with a final performance to their families.

In addition to our school curriculum, we also encourage outside visitors to share their musical knowledge with us and enthuse the children. In previous years, we have participated in African Drumming workshops and Musical Theatre productions.


Music Clubs

We offer a range of free music/performing arts clubs open to the children during break and lunch times, including:
- KS1 Choir
- KS1 Music Club
- KS2 Choir
- KS2 Music Club
- KS2 Dance Team

Some of these clubs lead to bigger performance opportunities as our choir performing at Berkshire Maestros' 'The Show Must Go On' at the

Hexagon Theatre, our dance team performing at 'Lift Off Dance Festival' at the Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park, and both performing in front

of the rest of the school and in our PTA Summer & Winter Fayres.

KS1 Music Club - Poster - 02 (1).png
KS2 Music Club - Poster - 02.png

African Drumming Workshop

The Mandinka drumming session was a huge hit (see what we did there haha) and it was so lovely seeing the children respond so

positively to a new culture and sing along as well as play in rhythm! Wildridings was definitely a buzz with life and spirit today.


Year 6 - Music Through the 20th Century

This term in Year 6 we have been learning about music through the 20th Century. So to end the Music topic we learnt a few dance styles throughout the 20th Century too, to go with our songs.


(Bobby Key)

(The Beatles)



(Backstreet Boys)

(Beyonce & Jay-Z)

Year 6 - Shakespeare - Music Through The Ages Playlist:

1950 - Rockin' Robin

1960 - Twist And Shout

1970 - We Are the Champions

1980 - We Built This City

1990 - I Want It That Way

2000 - Crazy In Love


(Lesley Gore)

(The Beatles)



(Backstreet Boys)


Year 6 - Rowling - Music Through The Ages Playlist:

1950 - It's My Party

1960 - All You Need Is Love

1970 - We Are the Champions

1980 - Take On Me

1990 - I Want It That Way

2000 - Umbrella

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