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Geography At Our School

‘We believe that through Geography our children will foster and talk about their curiosity of the world, looking at the contrast of our locality with other places. They will develop their ideas and geographical vocabulary, becoming a global citizen who knows that they can make a difference, through questioning themselves and others.’


At Wildridings we teach geography as part of our Themes. Through whole class teaching, individual learning, Oracy and using Continuous/Enhanced Provision, the sessions are designed to engage the children’s interests and give them new experiences. For example, Year 2 visit Bournemouth beach to engage them in looking at features of the coast and Year 3 visit the Living Rainforest near Newbury, to get an insight into what a Rainforest is like.


The children, also develop their mapping skills, their knowledge of the physical and human geography of the world, and how the world has changed over time. Nursery and Reception teach geographical skills through developing their understanding and knowledge of the world during their play and experiences. These experiences include discussing the seasons, the environment and maps of the world.

Useful Link
National Geographic Kids

The National Geographic Kids website allows you to explore the world through amazing facts,

videos, quizzes, games, and more.

Website - 03.PNG

Lava from a volcano can reach 1,250°C!

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Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to explore the world and all of it's amazing views.

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The river Nile found in North East Africa, is the longest river in the world – at a gigantic 6,695km

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