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Creative Development
Art & Design

Art & Design At Our School

At Wildridings we provide a curriculum to ensure our pupils develop a love of art. We encourage them to be creative and produce a range of art work using a wide range of specialist and quality resources. We encourage our children to undertake art as part of a wider curriculum and develop an understanding of how art has developed over time and how it has influenced the world we live in. Our pupils are inspired by other artists and each other. We encourage and allow our pupils to express their ideas and feelings though art.


In our Design and Technology curriculum, we offer children the opportunity to think creatively about how to solve design problems. They are taught the relevant technological skills to build their own design and are taught how to use equipment safely.  Pupils evaluate their own work critically and make suggestions for improvement. We look at how design has and continues to influence our lives, encouraging pupils to develop an appreciation of innovative technological design that they have seen or experienced in their everyday lives.

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