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Outdoor Learning

Life's Little Bugs Go Wild

Give them back the sense of wonder!

Playing and learning outside is fun. It also encourages resilience, mental & physical wellbeing plus children will gain the rewards natural light has to offer on stabilising their moods and sleep patterns. These are just a few reasons to get children outside in the fresh air, embracing all weathers.

Now, Life's Little Bugs have gone wild. I've taken its wellbeing ethos and partnered it with discovering nature to give children their sense of wonder back to enable...

Exploration, Stimulation and Creation!

'With the help of Life’s Little Bugs Go Wild activities, our Wildridings outdoor sessions engage and teach children how to enjoy the environment, foster respect and gratitude, and garner a renewed commitment to taking care of the planet as well as building their confidence and wellbeing'.

Meet Tummy Bug

Outdoor learning sessions always start with a reminder of outdoor rules to keep

everyone safe and healthy.

Within our Life's Little Bugs Go Wild outdoor sessions we have given each of our

characters a special job role.

Meet the new Health and safety manager! - Tummy Bug.

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Bug Hunting

One of the most popular activities for all year groups- all tooled up with magnifying glasses and bug pots the children respectively look at worms and slugs to

learn how amazing and important these little creatures are.

We made sure they were gently placed back amongst the dirt, dead leaves and wood they came from.

Slug Fun facts: Slugs have no skeletons and crawl around on what looks like one big huge foot, and they only have one lung. (officialkidsmag)

Like woodlice, they eat up dead vegetation, and many animals then eat the slugs. So, using poisonous slug pellets in the garden not only harms the slugs but much wildlife too once in the food chain.

Nature Wristbands

Nature wristbands are a great way

to make a walk a bit more fun.

There’s plenty of fallen material,

so no need to pick off trees or

bushes. Year 2 were very

enthusiastic and had lots of fun

making these.

Nature wrist bands.jpg

Kite Flying

It looks like a kite flying type

of day again today!

We've been making our own

simple kites and then spending

the rest of the time running

around the field get some

exercise and having fun!

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Den Building

The children have all been den building. I showed the

children the basics of building a den but left them to

construct themselves. This led to teamwork, planning

and engineering skills. Oh, and a quick business meeting

after in their new office space!