Personal, Social & Health Economic Education (PSHE)

Nurturing staff members within Wildridings Primary School are focused on supporting and guiding your child through their academic experience. We teach children to follow our Golden Values which are:

  • I will always be the best I can be

  • I will always show respect

  • I will always keep myself and other safe

  • I will always be honest and responsible

  • I will always be a good listener

We aim for all children to become kind and aspiring citizens within their future communities.

Our welcoming Family Support Advisors are fantastic at communicating with caregivers and supporting families. We have opened a Nurture Room, which is run by our Family Support Advisors, to support children with their confidence; those who need extra time with an adult and provide structured interventions.

Within class, teachers follow overviews which include topics such as relationship with self and others, safety and planning for the future.  We know that all children have a voice and we want children to be confident in expressing their opinion and be equipped in dealing with issues/problems in their future.

Alongside regular PSHE weekly lessons, we have so far participated in other events such as Anti-Bullying Day, Children In Need, caring for our environment through litter picking and planting trees and Road Safety Week.

Physical Education

Physical education takes a pivotal role within Wildridings Primary School across all Year groups. We ensure that a variety of sports across the academic year are taught to extend, create and challenge all varying levels of ability. This is based on fundamental movements (walking, running, throwing, jumping, etc) at early years, progressing towards key stage 2 where children need to demonstrate accuracy, control, co-ordination and work effectively as a team. Team work is an essential attribute that is installed into children at Wildridings Primary School so they can apply a tactical knowledge within a group that will benefit them inside and outside the classroom.

A key sporting highlight this term is the introduction of our very own ‘Wildridings Sports Captains’. In order to become a Wildridings Sports Captain, children within Year 5, had to study what the job entails and perform a speech to the whole of Year 5. Thus far, the introduction of the Sports Captains has highlighted an improvement on lunchtime games, introduction of new after school clubs and the potential for new outdoor equipment through asking ALL year groups.

Since the start of the academic year, Wildridings Primary School have already participated in a variety of sports events that spam across Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 in order to raise our participation levels across all sports. Competitions such as;

  • Year 5/6 Netball tournament

  • Year 3/4 football tournament,

  • Years 4/5/6 Cross country event

  • Various competitive Year 5/6 football fixtures

  • Year 3/4 Tag Rugby festival

  • Year 5/6 Tag Rugby.

These are known as our ‘Autumn Sports’. In order for the children to arrive to competitions with the best preparation, children participate in after school clubs and lunchtime games. This includes an Netball after school club where 20+ children attend and a Cross Country/ Athletics club where 40 children attend. As well as this, we have also hired a qualified dance teacher to teach the indoor PE, across the school, alongside the class teachers’ outdoor PE sessions.

Religious Education

At Wildridings we value every one of the staff members and children as individuals. We enjoy celebrating the different cultures, religions, beliefs and backgrounds everyone has. We like to recognise that everyone has their own story and that this can be celebrated in many different ways. This may be through talking to specific children and their families about something they celebrate at home, visiting places of significance, such as visiting the local church to experience an interactive, hands on session about a specific celebration or maybe looking at a variety of artefacts and resources we are lucky enough to have in school to explore and discuss.

RE is a subject in which enables the children to have in-depth discussions and conversations about certain religious aspects. It is nice to be able to allow the children to have these discussions by showing them that everyone has their own beliefs and views but that we respect these and value them. This specifically supports our golden value ‘I will always show respect’. Children are taught to be constructive thinkers, being encouraged to evaluate and justify theirs and others views through by being considerate of others.

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