Maths at our school

At Wildridings, Maths is an integral part of our curriculum and is taught across the school 5 times a week.  We use the White Rose Hub planning as a basis, using the small steps of learning to ensure children get a broad and balanced maths journey. 

Our aims at Wildridings Primary School are:

  • To promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion.

  • To provide visual, verbal, inspiring and hands-on learning opportunities.

  • To promote confidence and fluency with numbers and the number system, including time tables.

  • To develop the ability in children to solve problems through decision making and reasoning in a range of contexts.

  • To develop a practical understanding of the ways in which information is gathered and presented.

  • To explore features of shape and space, building on their understanding of their immediate environment.

  • To understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life.


During their time at Wildridings, pupils will be taught knowledge, skills and understanding in mathematics through;

  • Activities that extend their understanding of the number system to include integers, fractions and decimals.

  • Approximating and estimating with increasing accuracy and competence.

  • Using patterns and relationships to explore simple algebraic ideas.

  • Applying their measuring skills in a range of contexts.

  • Collecting and representing data through practical activities and using this data to make conclusions and draw inferences.

  • Exploring and using a variety of resources and materials.

  • Using mathematics in their work in other subjects.

Please look at our policies page for more information regarding the teaching and learning of Mathematics at Wildridings.


Maths booklets for parents

Please find below links to a handy booklet for each Year group.  These booklets outline what is covered in each Year group as well as visual and images to help at home.

Maths Events

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