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Wildridings Primary School

Wildridings Primary School


Policies and documents relative to Wildridings Primary School are all found here. Please select the information you require. All school policies are available for download for free. Documents that are in .pdf formats will require Adobe Reader or similar PDF File reading software to open.

If you require further information, or wish to talk to a member of staff regarding anything to do with Wildridings, please get in touch via the information on the Contact Us page.

  1. Acceptable Use KS1 and KS2 July 2017pdf
  2. Acceptable Use Staff and Volunteers Policy May 2017pdf
  3. Accessibility Plan - Mar15 (65416)pdf
  4. Admissions Policy June 2017pdf
  5. Anti Bullying Policy - Nov16 (41129)pdf
  6. Assessment and Marking Policy -Jan15 (22302)pdf
  7. Attendance Policy - Mar15 (85150)pdf
  8. Behaviour Policy - Nov16 (69605)pdf
  9. Charging Policy 2015 (31507)pdf
  10. Child Drop Off Collection and Independent Travel Policy June 2017pdf
  11. Code of Conduct for Governors Wildridings Primary School Oct 2016pdf
  12. Collective Worship Policy - May14 (60145)pdf
  13. Communicating with Parents Policy - Jan15 (91615)pdf
  14. Complaints Policy - 2015 (17331)pdf
  15. Computing Policy - 2015doc
  16. Curriculum Policy - May15 (5825)pdf
  17. Data Protection Policy - 2014 (30613)pdf
  18. Equality and Diversity Policy - Jan16 (46221)pdf
  19. FS1 Admissions Policy - May 2017pdf
  20. Health and Safety Policy - 2016 (83714)pdf
  21. Homework Policy - May15 (86228)pdf
  22. Off Site Visits Policy - 2016 (97592)pdf
  23. Out of School Club Policy - Apr16 (11537)pdf
  24. Physical Restraint Policy - Jan15 (11639)pdf
  25. PSOP NOP EAP July 2017pdf
  26. Pupil Premium Policy May 2017pdf
  27. Safeguarding Policy June 2017pdf
  28. Sex and Relationships Policy May 2017pdf
  29. Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy - Feb 2017pdf
  30. Supporting Pupils With Medical Conditions - 2016 (21800)pdf
  31. Teaching and Learning Policy May 2017pdf
  32. Uniform Policy - 2015 (65922)pdf
  33. Wildridings Primary Annual Governors Statement 2015-16pdf
  34. Wildridings SEND information report - Spring 2017pdf
  35. Written Statement of Behaviour Principles (92132)pdf
  36. Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017-18pdf